Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11, 2009

I have finally completed uploading all the drawings I collected.

You will notice many missing dates. There are many explanations for that.
1. I didn't draw some days
2. I was on vacation
3. Most likely, I was at work. I worked at a hospital and was on-call on the weekends. I took many extra calls for money. Mary Ellen and I had a very nice standard of living thanks to my job. It was not overly favored by my councilors! I would get up at 6am and call into work to see if they had anything I could get started on. Group started at 10am and very frequently, I would be able to get to group before needing to return to work.

You will notice that some days I would draw 5 or more pages and some days I would only draw one. There was no rhyme or reason for this. There were no rules.

You will notice that I had a hard time expressing myself. To come right out & say or tell the story was nearly impossible for me. I wish I had written so much more on the backs. Now it would be nice to know just what some of them meant, if anything.

If I think of anything else I would like to say about this era, I will add on to this note as updates.
I hope that someday, someone will benefit from the images. It seems to me that given a catalog of years of art therapy would make a good paper for a college student. My offer stands.

Thank you for looking. I have always been very proud of the drawings. It is like a mini-me!

Beckie Saar Leone

November 14, 1985

The Beach

Head that car to the beach

Due to very fair skin, I was never able to fully enjoy the beach. However, the beach symbolized home. Still living in Atlanta, I was becoming more & more homesick for Jacksonville. After my Father passed away in March 1986, my daughter Mary Ellen & I made the commitment to move back to Jacksonville as soon as we could. I moved in February 1987.

October 5, 1985

Balls of Fire
(It was almost impossible for me to come right out & say what was on my mind. Looking at this I would say I was very angry about something?)

September 7, 1985

Straight Talk by Mary Ellen


July 6, 1985

(an audience watches, is it the group members or people I worked with?)

(someone seated sans chair! Probably my councilor, Elaine)

May 25, 1985

Lion #1

Lion #2

Lion #3

May 4, 1985

Such organization such authority such secrets you
(I think this is a reference to the secrets that are kept in the workplace, even when they tell us we are a family & must work together. We understood confidentiality, but it was still difficult to be kept out of the loop when we were all directly or indirectly involved)

Many pane's for a better view

Can't see the forest for the trees

Big winds blow little houses

April 13, 1985

My Tree

March 30, 1985

We pierced his heart,
but never saw his face

Look, the lion came out from behind

How do you keep a fly in a cage?

Bunny at rest


March 23, 1985

no, no, no


January 19, 1985

My picture of Dr. Hoffman, by Mary Ellen

Self -Portrait



January 5, 1985

I'm Fine, And You?

Smile - Self Portrait


Pretty Box
Pretty Rock
Burnt Toast

Leave Me Alone

Sunday, May 31, 2009

December 29, 1984

(Obviously, something happened during Christmas dinner!)

(this one doesn't look like me)

(this could be a self portrait)

December 15, 1984

Yellow Shirt

Parrot Your Actions or
Here's Looking at You

Oh you goat face

Man lying on his back

God, Mom, brother, Dad, self, daughter, sister

December 15, 1984

December 1, 1984

October 1984

to hell with it, let's dance
(self portrait)

October 1984

Monday, May 25, 2009

September 15, 1984

Inspired by my memory of Morning Talk by Milton Avery

Milton Avery's Morning Talk 1963
(I did a painting of this)

Inspired by my memory of Sheep Dip by Sally Wildman

Sheep Dip by Sally Wildman, date unknown
(I did a painting of this)

September 1, 1984

Yellow (Red)


4 faces of a sail boat
(I went with 3 friends after work to Lake Lanier to go sailing. We had so much fun and when we returned to Atlanta, we went to a sleezy hotel bar & drank - lots. I did not make it to work the next day! It was the best, I remember it clearly to this day. I've always wanted a sail boat since then.)

September 1984