Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11, 2009

I have finally completed uploading all the drawings I collected.

You will notice many missing dates. There are many explanations for that.
1. I didn't draw some days
2. I was on vacation
3. Most likely, I was at work. I worked at a hospital and was on-call on the weekends. I took many extra calls for money. Mary Ellen and I had a very nice standard of living thanks to my job. It was not overly favored by my councilors! I would get up at 6am and call into work to see if they had anything I could get started on. Group started at 10am and very frequently, I would be able to get to group before needing to return to work.

You will notice that some days I would draw 5 or more pages and some days I would only draw one. There was no rhyme or reason for this. There were no rules.

You will notice that I had a hard time expressing myself. To come right out & say or tell the story was nearly impossible for me. I wish I had written so much more on the backs. Now it would be nice to know just what some of them meant, if anything.

If I think of anything else I would like to say about this era, I will add on to this note as updates.
I hope that someday, someone will benefit from the images. It seems to me that given a catalog of years of art therapy would make a good paper for a college student. My offer stands.

Thank you for looking. I have always been very proud of the drawings. It is like a mini-me!

Beckie Saar Leone

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